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LTG Stars Baseball was established in 2015, as a one (1) team organization with 12 kids from a one square mile radius. This special group of kids took our program to a 9U Grand Slam World Series Championship in just a 1-1/2 year time frame. Some of those same kids are still a major part of our showcase program as 2024 and 2025 graduates. In that same time frame we grew to a total of 8 teams ranging from 8 years old to 12 years old.

In 2016, the LTG Stars jumped into the Showcase Baseball side of things. The original team in 2016 was based on one (1) team with a 12-man roster. In 2017, we went to three (3) teams with 13-man rosters 15 through 18 years old. In 2018, we were at the same team amount three (3) teams, but now with 14-man rosters 15 through 18 years old. During this time frame until today we have put 38 into college playing baseball.

Our showcase baseball program was established from one simple formula. “Do Not let financials be the reason your kid does not play in front of people who can help change their lives, or career”.

During the Fall of 2019 we became an affiliate of Banditos Baseball Tomball, Tx. The Banditos Organization is one of the most recognizable organizations in the showcase world of baseball. We made this decision because we want to provide a service to all players for a very affordable price and strictly for the advancement of the player. This move was also made to showcase our players in front of top major league teams, power five Division I programs, and have a great established avenue for all levels of collegiate ball.

We have made remarkable strides and currently from the age of 14 to 18 years old we have seven (7) teams and 95 high school players. On the youth side we currently have three (3) teams from the age of 10 to 13 years old. Our program has made tremendous strides in becoming the staple front for all players in the state of Louisiana with one goal in mind. “Prove everyone wrong, One Player at a Time”.

Michael Perry
Owner/Operator Banditos LTG Baseball
Affiliate of Banditos Baseball
Tomball, Tx

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